Community Living

You’ll find our senior living community to be just the right size—large enough to let you meet lots of friendly people and participate in all kinds of activities, yet small enough to know your neighbors well. Comfortable. Warm. With a Southern flair. Chancellor’s Village offers older adults a lifestyle and support system designed to help them enjoy their best lives in a safe wellness-focused environment.

Daily Living Program

Our residents say our community is like a cruise ship, because there’s always something to do! Life at Chancellor’s Village is vibrant and lively. Through our signature Daily Living Program, we take time to learn what our residents like to do and what they would like to try. Then we design an extensive calendar of engaging opportunities to socialize, learn, exercise, explore, grow, and create. We encourage residents to stay active and engaged in their community—and to develop and foster connections.

The Daily Living Program engages and nurtures each of the six dimensions of wellness: physical, social, intellectual, emotional, purposeful, and spiritual.

Four smiling seniors enjoying a book club meeting


We’re here to make you feel at home.

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